If you are reading this page, that means you love classics and you want to know what had happened in the 60’s when the “orange sunshine” flooded America. As you can see we are talking about non-hydrolyzing in atmospheric conditions lysergamides – 1A-LSD, which is equivalented to ALD-52 – the “orange sunshine”.

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Buy ALD-52  Online; In 2017, it came to light that the infamous “Orange Sunshine” variety of LSD that was widely available in California through 1968 and 1969 was not ALD-52 as it was long held by the hippie generation and that “Orange Sunshine” was just a very well made batch of 250 microgram per unit batch of LSD. The notorious psychedelic chemist it was attributed to, Nick Sands, confirmed that the claim of synthesizing the unscheduled drug ALD-52 and selling it as LSD was completely fabricated for his and Tim Scully’s court case to argue that they were not guilty of selling LSD.


1-Acetyl-N,N-diethyllysergamide (also known as ALD-52, 1-Acetyl-LSD, 1A-LSD, 1A-LAD, and mistakenly as Orange Sunshine) is a novel synthetic psychedelic of the lysergamide chemical class that produces “classical psychedelic” effects reported to be virtually indistinguishable from those of LSD when administered. It is a closely related structural analog and a suspected prodrug of LSD, meaning it is inactive until it enters the body and is converted into LSD.

ALD-52 was originally discovered by Albert Hofmann in his study of LSD analogs[citation needed], but it did not enter mainstream awareness until psychedelics came to occupy a central role in the 1960s Western youth counterculture. ALD-52 gained public notoriety when it supposedly distributed in the 1960s as LSD under the now-famous name “Orange Sunshine.” This was later disproven.

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ALD-52, or 1-Acetyl-N,N-diethyllysergamide, is a semisynthethic molecule of the lysergamide chemical class. ALD-52 is a substituted derivative of lysergic acid. ALD-52’s structure contains four rings, a bicyclic hexahydroindole fused to a bicyclic quinoline group. This core structure of ALD-52 is an ergoline derivative, and has tryptamine and phenethylamine structures embedded within it. ALD-52 contains a N,N-diethylcarboxamide functional group bound to R8 of the chemical structure. It is additionally substituted at carbon 6 with a methyl group.

ALD-52 is homologous to 1P-LSD, which contains a propionyl group bound to CH3CO- instead of the acetyl group bound to the same location. It is unknown how these differences account for differences in the two compound’s activity.

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